Woodland park

Discover the enchanting beauty of Woodland Park and immerse yourself in nature. Find the best hiking trails, picnic spots, and wildlife sightings in this stunning park.
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The interplay between forest and clearing form the atmospheric structure of the new „Kurwaldpark“ – a historical health resort park in Bad Lippspringe. It is a permeable membrane of historical forest blocks, park windows and long stretches of grasses. The dense existing forest is interwoven with a sequence of simple and clear spatial sceneries. They […]

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Line defined: a long narrow mark or band, a straight or curved continuous extent of length without breadth, a contour or outline considered as a feature of design or composition, a notional limit or boundary, a length of cord, wire or other material serving a particular purpose... "Sight line" defined: a line extending from an observer's eye to viewed object or area. Jackson Pollock painting, Summer 1950, photo: Hans Namuth Image Source: National Gallery of Australia A simple line can be…

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