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Lamps or light has been an essential part of our existence since the cavemen first discovered fire. Being one of those products that we can't just live without, lamps must be one of the most experimented upon product designs. Collecting some of the best of these conceptual lamps under Render Weekly's desk lamp challenge, every

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Love an induction hob but hate that you can't use it with your wok?! Amphi is the answer to your woes. Thanks to its cleverly designed drop-style hob, the design finally makes it possible to use this traditional Chinese cooking pan with induction cooking. Due to the shape, it's not only more stable but provides

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What makes the A' Design Award stand out from others is its mission statement. It wants to find a common link between great design ACROSS all disciplines, and is committed to being a consortium or a common-ground for all sorts of good design. The A' Design Award and Competition is more than just an awards

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Teenage Engineering is best known for audio equipment with unique aesthetics, though it does sometimes put out unrelated products, such as a desktop PC tower, wooden "choir" mini figurines, and a toy car. That last one was its prelude to the real product launch it had planned, a product that seemed to straddle the line