... if a lady chooses not to drink alcohol, she does not impose her decision on other people.  If she is offered a glass of wine, she simply says, "No, thank you, but I would love some ginger ale."  She offers no further explanation ... Candace Simpson-Giles

Surrealism and optical illusions occur in real life. Note the refraction pattern caused by this glass of water.

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MOLTO PIANO - Jazz en rafale 2014 on Behance | Fivestar Branding – Design and Branding Agency & Inspiration Gallery

MOLTO PIANO - Jazz en rafale 2014 on Behance Fivestar Branding – Design and Branding Agency & Inspiration Gallery

Wolfgang Weingart [Line research series 2 of 5]-Kunstgrafik 1964

Wolfgang Weingart I really like this work. It is a really random and random layout. I think it looks really good and reminds me v.

In June 2015, MuirMcNeil were commissioned by WIRED to design the feature articles title page for the August 2015 issue. The initial brief was brief – to make a type-based image featuring the issue number – 23.08. The visual references provided by WIRED were MuirMcNeil’s Intersect poster and out-takes from the design process for our Visual Grammar poster. The design evolved from a serendipitous discovery made when highlighting overlaid and offset layers of numerals set in MuirMcNeil…

The basis of this design was to illustrate the issue of a magazine. It uses vibrating colors and overlays to make the bland numbers more interesting and visually appealing.

Dieter Roth

Dieter Roth / "AC" / 24 individual die-cut black and white sheets, each a different grid or pattern / 1964

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Sol LeWitt (1928 - 2007) was an American artist regarded as a founder of Minimalism and Conceptual art. He made a kind of modular art, just using basic shapes, a few colors and different types of lines.

vjeranski: Sol LeWitt Successive Rows of Horizontal, Straight Lines from Top to Bottom, and Vertical, Straight Lines from Left to Right, 1972

Stitched CMYK Chart - Evelin Kasikov – Art Direction & Graphic Design – London

Stitched CMYK Colour Chart - Evelin Kasikov – CMYK embroidery and Typographic Design – London Two methods I love from two different art practices combined. Embroidering from Fibers and the halftones & CMYK printing I'm in love with from printmaking.