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Gezi Parki, Taksim, May-June 2013

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GAS me and then just COP me till i get my capulfaction


Ironic reaction of civils against the tear gas used during the Gezi park protests

#OccupyGezi #direngeziparki

Posterler sloganlarla Gezi Direnişi ve bir film

gezi penguin

stencil made during occupygezi protests because turkish tv channels aired a document on penguins instead of protests

red-dressed woman

Ceyda Sungur Taksim Park Protest 2013 Peaceful protestor being maced

#OccupyGezi #DirenGeziParkı by Gokhun Guneyhan, via Behance

by Gokhun Guneyhan, via Behance

by Ali Cabbar

Artist Response: Ali Cabbar combines the lightbulb logo of the ruling AKP with a gas-mask. The surrounding arrows here no longer signify light, but shock and awakening.


Wall art in Taksim, in front of Ataturk Cultural Center -a building PM Erdogan vowed to demolish.

Bosphorus Bridge

Thousands protest in Istanbul's Taksim Square - Walking Bosphorus bridge am in the morning June 2013

The revolution will not be televised!

OccupyTurkey - June 2013 "Revolution will not be aired on TV"