Bonnaroo music and arts festival poster. on Behance

Not that I'm interested in this lineup or festival, but design is neat ✖ Bonnaroo music and arts festival poster. on Behance

Designer: unknown | #advertising | The design was posted on pinterest from  | I find this design so clever because the word "jam" is actually created from arranging the letter "j" and "m" close together and then placing the "a" inside the "j" and "m."  The design is concise, clear,  and legible.


The Jam at Clouds disco, 1977 - awesome design admired by Secret Art Collector - music wasn't bad either!

playful graohic way to subvert the classiv logo!!!??

Nike: “Turn Chaos into Control”This is a study in typography. The ways in which the letterforms smear and distort are powerful. The best graphic design is design you hear as well as see.

GOOD DESIGN. The main word is visible and dark. The use of vectors goes with…

Mike McQuade

Herb LesterCover and map design of Berlin for Herb Lester Associates, buy a…

I really like this, You can see the double decker bus. It's very simple but neat and clean.

London London double-decker bus logo - poster by Quentin Newark for London Design Festival 2009 [combination of one person's caption with part of another's]

Source: norakaszanyi

MOHOLY - TYPOPHOTO _ typography experiment /// I know, I know, too complicated for the time restraint, but the vibe of this…!

AIA Heritage Ball 2015 | Typeverywhere

Natasha Jen’s mutable, moving typeface for AIA gala expands and contracts. Makes the font hard to read when the proportions of the letters are out of usual and uneven