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Make your own business due to Internet!

Online profit and financial freedom Earn money sitting at home!

Apple envisions ways to find and start your car with your iPhone- now that's handy!

Two newly published patent applications highlight methods to track down and control your car via your iPhone's Bluetooth connection.

UnEncrypted Message Example

This article provides high level explanation on Transport layer security and secure socket layer.

Singleton Pattern Code Explanation

This is an in depth article for understanding Singleton design pattern concepts. Describes various facets of singleton

designing-jee-application-structure by odedns via Slideshare

We will learn how to correctly design JEE applications modules. How to design module dependencies.

Class diagram

This article is an excellent reference copy for all you in need to code in Java from and vice versa. Fantastic article to be used as a refzcard.

Facade Design Pattern structure

Fantastic article on Facade pattern. Provides a detailed insight into the Facade pattern with easy to remember