Rus Khasanov - Poom series

Poom, Illustrations of Explosive Color Obscuring a Person’s Face

Liquid Type by Rus Khasanov

Liquid type in motion Experimental typography by Ruslan Khasanov

Typography Set by Rus Khasanov

Typography Set by Rus Khasanov

Rus Khasanov9

The gradient mesh tool in Adobe Illustrator is one of the most challenging and useful tools for illustration. This intricate example using an Audrey Hepburn photo as a guide shows how to create realistic skin tone with skilled use of a gradient mesh.

Rus Khasanov17

Rus Khasanov17

Pixel Distortion by Rus Khasanov

iotroxi: “ This is neat. It is Ruslan Khasanov’s pixel distortion typography. A screen with red, green and blue pixels is turned on and a water substance is written on it. The water in the coagulated.

Vetka Font  -  Rus Khasanov

Vetka Font - Rus Khasanov

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