Curated Stitched Photography exhibit at the Robert Mann Gallery in New York City features artists Jessica Wohl, Diane Meyer, Flore Gardner, Jose Romussi and Melissa Zexter

Curated Stitched Photography

raining / umbrella - Stitching Photographs: embroidery + photography by Diane Meyer. Link to awesome article on fantastic work by various articles who combined photographs and embroidery.

Collage from exo. (whats the inspiration behind what this artist puts over the face?)

insert little bits of ads into an image/text Collage from exo. (whats the inspiration behind what this artist puts over the face?

Mixed media paintings and photographs by Rosanna Jones | | #art #paintings #photography

WEEK 5 - Eduardo Mixed media paintings/oil by Rosanna Jones Strong sense of realism and bold colours. The gestural brushstrokes combined with the realism creates an energetic feel.

Douglas Alves

Doug Alves is a self-taught artist from Brazil who started his career in 2000 working in agencies and interactive shops. In 2005 he started to work as a

Mixed media illustrations by D. Alves | e MORFES

Mixed media illustrator/graphic designer, Douglas Alves has some stunning images in his portfolio. He has worked already for some prestigious companies like Coca-cola, Mtv, Zune and Honda amongst others.

This Guy's Self-Portraits Are Like None I've Ever Seen. #4 Is Slightly Disturbing But Pure Genius.

Paris-based artist Sébastien Del Grosso uses a combination of photography and illustration to sketch out stages from his life in the self-portrait series "