Small Homes That Use Lofts To Gain More Floor Space

Small Homes That Use Lofts To Gain More Floor Space

The sky is the limit when tall ceilings meet compact floor plans. The homes featured in this post sacrificed some of their impressive height for the sake of gai

White stairs / Escaleras blancas

Gallery of 8th Ave / NatureHumaine - 7

The interior of this minimalist residence was reimagined by NatureHumaine. The colourful exterior contrasts with the stark, white interior.

Diseño de escalera. Visto en

Loving this beautiful wooden stair with two sets of work stations underneath

tira led en la escalera

Handrail lighting detail -- LED lighting i like how this goes with the concept of how lines interact with a space.

Stairs with glass wall | A house for Agnes by Tigg and Coll Architects

Increase light and space in small Victorian, houses by changing stairs and using glass - Tigg and Coll Architects

escada madeira

Love this glass panel, a fantastic way to let light stream through from the landing, down the stairs and into the hallway.

Escalier bibliothèque.

Escalier droit, en colimaçon, à pas japonais, gain de place...

For Christian: (not as elegant but again similar feel without the top floating section, which we think would add interest)

Glass, glass, glass!!! And stair lights :)

if you go galss.and lighting possibilities. entrance hall - stairway lighting photo by Mehr

Beautiful Home Ideas: Beautiful Home Ideas With Glass And Wooden Staircase Design

We don't want dark contrasting wood. We think it should be a nice quality of pine. We are not contemplating glass.


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