Ian J Turner

Ian J Turner

I'm a UK based freelance photographer and illustrator making mostly landscape and still life images as well as hand drawn illustrations and cartoons.
Ian J Turner
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Cats & Dogs

Buy 'Cats & Dogs' by IanJTurner as a Calendar. Cartoon cats and dogs

Stone, Staffordshire

Buy 'Stone, Staffordshire' by IanJTurner as a Calendar. Images from Stone in Staffordshire and the surrounding countryside.

Sleeping Cat

‘Sleeping Cat’ Greeting Card by IanJTurner

Technically, it's your word against mine

‘Technically, it's your word against mine’ Spiral Notebook by IanJTurner

Fetch - Animation

Drawn, animated and coloured in the FlipaClip Animation app for Android

Sack - Animation

A short hand drawn flour sack animation. Drawn, animated and coloured in FlipaClip Animation on a Samsung tablet.


‘Apparently, they always land on their head’ Art Print by IanJTurner