Farb-und Stilberatung mit www.farben-reich.com - Chipped Paint and Rust by Sally Thurrell

Colour Trend vivid sea greens and blues, veridian and rust. a naturalistic feel with oddles of texture and patina


insert little bits of ads into an image/text Collage from exo. (whats the inspiration behind what this artist puts over the face?

rust painting. www.rustpainting.com!

Willie Little, Abstract Triptych Rust Painting.


Sea within a sea

work to go in sketchbook work on shells

Michael Murphy. Portrait. A new twist on a portrait I like it as it can be done on a laser cutter.

Assault Rifle Graphic Illusion Made From Ping Pong Balls

Multi-layered sculptures - by Micheal Murphy . Michael Murphy challenges the boundaries between the second and third dimensions in his art. What appears to be a painting is, in fact, a series of dissected layers, forming…

[Peeling poster wall] Good color inspiration for mens' printed shirts or sport coat | TheEdgyTimes

Peeling poster wall showing texture - possible background surface

J U S T __ A R T __M A P --------> SISTER SHIP,2013,Val Britton.(http://valbritton.com/) Ink, watercolor, collage, and hand cut paper 72" h x 60" w

Val Britton is incorporating cut paper now too! Sister Ship by Val Britton - Ink, watercolor, collage, and hand cut paper h x w 2013

Density-2  22" x 30"  salvaged paper

x salvaged paper

. of paper and things .: painting | nava lubelski

thread on stained canvas - nava lubelski aa

Valerie Hegarty - Flower Frenzy (2012)

bhsutton: “ Another stunner from Valerie Hegarty’s new show at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, Figure, Flowers, Fruit (through October “Flower Frenzy” ”

Fragments Valerie Roybal.

paper collage by valerie roybal I like the idea of using different types of paper and not 1 certain type of paper used different ways.

David Hepher - crumbling tower blocks

David Hepher - crumbling tower blocks I love the layered sense about the graffiti in this piece- very original and modern. I like how the piece is on a wall- mixed media is interesting and original.

Daily Dose Pick: Mark Bradford – Flavorwire

Daily Dose Pick: Mark Bradford

Mark Bradford works with street signage and manipulates the elements in order to highlight/accent certain parts.

Editorial1415656938-AMyers1114D (1)

Andrea Myers: "Within my artistic practice, I maintain an interest in exploring the space between the two- dimensional and three- dimensional, hybridizing painting, printmaking and sculpture.

Apparently I really like this Lisa Hochstein; all of my other pins of art are hers.

density - 3 by lisa hochstein

"Playing with Fire 7" by Kelly O'Brien (2013)

Things I like, fire and art Playing with Fire paper, gold leaf, flame Kelly O'Brien 2013