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By Tony Mahfud _ I love this eye painting. with how the watercolor blends it looks almost like veins.

Pinterest: IIDonuttCaree... I wouldn't neccessarily write THIS on my shoes... but this is the BEST IDEA EVER! -<3, Paige Palmer xx<3xx

idiot, vans, and shoes image

Rough look...street art

"Timeskin" by Antinio Mora. *Antonio Mora is a Spanish artist who combines with talent portraits photographed in various landscapes.

This piece is part of the 6th riddle I've made for Smashing Magazine!

The New Smashing Mystery Riddle: Have You Figured It Out Yet?

goodforks-project by-marion luttenberger

creative cuts of fruits: GOODFORKS for a new sustainable food system by Marion Luttenberger, via Behance

More great photography inspiration | From up North

This picture stands out because of her messy hair and the black makeup that is running down the right side of her face. It makes the viewer feel sympathy for the girl.

Amazing "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Concept Art by Doug Chiang « Film Sketchr

Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens concept art

Tracey Emin studio

Tracey Emin studio - (go on, Trace, you can do it!

I try not to post nudes, but I go to studio and figure draw, so it's okay. This one is beautiful.

Nude, Elena Prenner this inspires me to break out my pastels again