Castle Howard, North Yorkshire.

Dawn at Castle Howard, North Yorkshire, England. For over 300 years this has been the private residence of the Howard family.

Anglican Mortuary Chapel, Manchester.

Anglican mortuary chapel located in Philips Park Cemetery, Manchester, UK- Visitable

Manchester bee represents Manchester being the rebirth of the industrial revolution, it is also a known logo for Manchester's longest running Skate shop, Note.

"Busy bees" The bee is an icon adopted by Manchester to symbolise the working-class "worker bees" who helped the city become great.

Little Moreton Hall, Cheshire, UK 15th century timbered house

Little Moreton Hall, Cheshire, UK century timbered house. Wonderful old Manor house near Mow Cop

Cholmondeley Castle - Cheshire England

Daffodils and castle facade, Cholmondeley Castle, built in the civil parish of Cholmondeley, Cheshire, England

Door, St. George, Manchester, England - UK

A blue door near Castlefield Manchester Added to "Our Daily Topic", Topic: DOORS