Animals (Icon)

Learn how to draw simple icon animals and see how making a few variations can create whole new illustrations!
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How to draw a cat

Learn how to create a colorful cat icon using simple shapes and colors as well as a few different vector effects.

How to draw a bat

Learn how to draw a bat icon made from simple shapes and see how to enhance this one using various vector tools.

How to draw a crab

Using basic shapes only, let's draw a crab icon that is visually appealing and easy to illustrate.

How to draw bee

In this lesson, learn how to create a bee icon from simple shapes and colors.

How to draw a bunny

Learn how to create a beautiful bunny icon made from simple elements and absolutely no outlines!

How to draw a chicken

This cute chicken icon is all you need to learn to draw a fun animal made from simple shapes and elements.

How to draw a camel

No need to take a trip into the desert to learn to draw a camel icon as beautiful and visually appealing as this one!

How to draw a dolphin

Using basic elements, learn to create a dolphin icon that is visually fun and easy to illustrate.

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