How to draw a pig

Learn how to create a simple pig clipart using simple elements that anyone can draw.

How to draw a raccoon

Create a cute raccoon clipart made exclusively from basic elements using only four steps and a pencil.

How to draw a rabbit

It's time to illustrate a simple rabbit clipart using an easy step-by-step drawing lesson and a cool template made from adorable shapes.

How to draw a bull

Learn how to create a simple bull clipart using simple elements and colors.

How to draw a rat

Create a cute rat clipart using a simple template as a reference in this easy tutorial accessible to anyone.

How to draw a razorback

Create a cool razorback clipart filled with bright red colors, basic shapes and sharp horns.

How to draw a seal

Create a front version of a seal clipart using only squares, circles and other simple elements.

How to draw a tiger

Work with a beautiful tiger clipart to create a simple and fun cartoon character in just four easy steps.

How to draw a turtle

Slowly, but surely, this turtle clipart can be drawn using only four basic steps and a few rectangles and circles.

How to draw a snail

Another simple character (a snail clipart) can be drawn in this exclusive lesson based on a basic template made from circles and rectangles.

How to draw a polar bear

Why not draw a cute polar bear clipart like the one displayed here using simple elements and subtle colors?