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Free the superheroes by unthreading them

Superhero Ideas for the Early Years

I started off this topic with a letter addressed to Reception. It was from the Joker to say that he had kidnapped all of the small world superhero characters. The children were outraged and I feig…

Superhero Puppet Craft with Free Printable

A simple superhero puppet craft for kids. Make Batman, Superman, Ironman, Flash and Captain America puppets. Use the FREE PRINTABLE superhero templates along with craft sticks (popsicles/ lollipop sticks) to make your own mini puppet superheroes. Perfect for imaginative play/ story telling.

Cardboard Craft Tube Superheroes - Kid Craft Tutorial

We want you to fight the crime of "boredom" with us today! Check out our creative Craft Tube Superhero kid craft idea tutorial!

Explore properties of materials and make a Superhero cape #Science #ScienceforKids

What's the best material for a Superhero cape?

What's the best material for a Superhero cape? Find out in this fun activity.

We're All Heroes: A Superhero Party Program

I think it is safe to say that superheroes have been of lots of folks' minds as of late. What with all of the big-budget superhero movies hitting theaters over the summer, the variety of superhero graphic novels coming out for early and middle grade readers, and increased interest in making superhero-themed picture books for the younger set, there seems to be large interest in all things superheroes. As a librarian, I want to consistently use my powers for good--and that recently meant…

Super Hero Training Camp

Another fun library activity- Super hero training camp! It was raining this afternoon, so perfect timing. I think this whole idea would be fun for a birthday party as well. Getting himself in superhero mode! The kids arrived and got a list of tasks to do: First of all, Levi decorated his mask. It was made of fun foam and they used stickers and glitter glue. Then was the ROCK OF STRENGTH! He lifted that huge rock right above his head! In another feat of strength, he lifted 2 large weights up…

Superworm by Julia Donaldson, fun preschool play activities for learning and fun bringing this favourite children's storybook to life

Superworm Play dough Activity

Bring the storybook Superworm by Julia Donaldson to life with this simple to set up play dough activity for young children.


World Book Day from our Reception Blog

Today is World Book Day and we all came into school dressed up as our favourite characters. We enjoyed showing our friends our costumes and talking about the characters that we were dressed up as.

Superhero Activities

Superhero Activities | Creative Kindergarten

Continuing our theme of superhero activities (see my previous post here), we have done a few literacy based centers using “You can be an Everyday Superhero”. This post contains some great literacy center ideas with 3 FREE printables! We started off by making this anchor chart (the students coloured in the superhero’s face): I asked… Continue reading Superhero Activities

Super hero adjective writing lesson. Also, have students create superhero self portraits (potentially using photos) and let them "fly" (hang them) around the room.

Super Hero Adjectives!

In an effort to add interesting details to our writing, we learned about using adjectives to "jazz" it up. First we read a book called Boris the Pirate. After reading the story, we found and listed all the adjectives. Then we looked for "proof" for the adjectives. For example, if the story said the character Boris was strong then we had to find out how (the proof) he was strong. Next I had my students start the Super Hero writing activity. First they filled out a "brainstorming" sheet and…

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Some days I really do miss not being in the classroom; especially when I see lots of superhero ideas (by far my favourite topic)... How fantastic are these photos!?

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