Face your pockets - everyone scans their face and what they have in their pockets as a n introductory lesson for getting to know one another.

The smARTteacher Resource: Face Your Pockets Self-portrait. after students take this image, tear out center portion and allow students to draw the missing center

In My Room: Teenagers in Their Bedrooms, Adrienne Salinger, 1995

©Adrienne Salinger, Karl B. Teens in their Bedrooms. "I never took any drugs or drank or smoked or anything like that. I’ve been a vegetarian for four years.

'Long march in Panjiayuan antique market 1', 2004. Tesselating found objects by Hong Hao at Pace Gallery

Tessalating Found Objects by Hong Hao at Pace Gallery Beijing. "Long March in Panjiayuan Antique Market Digital print of computer generated image/collage created from scanned photos.

Things Organized Neatly: Hong Hao’s ongoing project to photograph, document...

'My Things - Book Keeping of 07 B' by Hong Hao, showing at Pace Gallery Beijing, mosaic of found objects

tesselating found objects by hong hao at pace gallery

These images are from the series " My Things " by Chinese artist Hong Hao . He created images of thousands of scanned objects from his own.