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green leaves on a black background with blue and white colors in the bottom right corner
Eucalyptus by Allison Holdridge print. Layers of tissue over black.
an image of some leaves on a piece of paper with watercolors in it
an animal's skull is shown in this close up photo
Artist & Tutor (@suzysharpeart) • Instagram photos and videos
there is a small animal skull on the table next to some books and knick knacks
Artist & Tutor (@suzysharpeart) • Instagram photos and videos
a black and white photo of a leaf in a frame on a table next to a plant
Original Monoprints | impressionsofnature
a black and white drawing of a leaf in a square frame on a table top
Original Monoprints | impressionsofnature
two ferns are shown in black and white, with one fern on the other side
Original Monoprints | impressionsofnature
an image of a leafy plant in the middle of blue and white paper with gold foil on it
Original Monoprints | impressionsofnature
five different types of leaves on a white background, each with an individual's own image
Seed pod defomaties - Google Search
several different types of shells on a white surface, including pine cones and sea urchins
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Wood & Bones 8x10 Fine Art Photographic Natural by MilesOfLight, $30.00
an open book with drawings of leafy greens on it's pages and another drawing of a plant in the background
Susan Deakin: artist's books
Simples, comfrey by Susan Deakin, Artist Print
two pieces of metal sitting on top of a rock next to a pair of earrings
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Long verdigris copper earrings, rustic