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Monoprinting lovely forget me nots 🩵
Dead nettle monoprint
After printing the native purple dead nettle here is the invasive (in the Uk) Golden Dead Nettle (archangel) Lamium galeobdolon The name Lamium comes from the Greek word ‘lamia’ meaning ‘devouring monster’ which refers to the shape of the flowers that resemble open jaws. This is an interesting one and I have a lot of it not planted by me but definitely a bit out of control in my garden it is taking over lots of wild areas which previously had a much greater variety of flora. So I can definitely pick this one as much as I like! This variegated yellow archangel as mentioned is a non-native species with widespread distribution over much of the UK. Although it is popular with bees and other pollinators. It is listed as a Schedule 9 species under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, it is
Monoprinting a purple deadnettle
Multi layer botanical monoprinting
London Plane Monoprint
Monoprinting the huge leaves of the London plane tree, almost didn’t fit on my screen and it’s a bit wonky sorry! These trees are a hybrid created by crossbreeding of the American sycamore (Platanus occidentalis) and the Oriental plane (Platanus orientalis). This deciduous tree is commonly found in urban areas and has beautiful mottled bark, I often feel sad when I see trees planted in concrete, but they grow to and enormous height and seem to thrive in many seemingly inhospitable places. The wood of the London plane tree is known for being durable and resistant to decay. In the past, it was used for making furniture and veneer. If you want to try this all materials are listed on the website
Monoprinting a Gladioli
Gladioli have an amazing symbolic meaning. The name “gladiolus” is derived from the Latin word “gladius,” which means sword and the birth flowere for August In Roman times when gladiators engaged in brutal combat they became a symbol of their heroic spirit. They therefore symbolise heroism, strength of character, victory and pride and were associated with the god Mars (Ares in Greek mythology). In floriography they can mean moral integrity, faithfulness, and remembrance. They are often chosen to convey condolences and sympathy, making them a respectful choice for funeral arrangements. If you want to try this all materials are listed on the website
How to Monoprint Lingerie
Something a little different , when the plants are not so abundant I don’t want to stop printing, so I decided to have a play with some clothing for a change. I think this one looks like a really grainy photograph… I love the detail as always and the way monoprinting always highlights the unnoticed. What else do you think I should print? . . . . . . . . . #stockings #monoprintingstockings #monoprinting #monoprint #monotype #printmaking #printmaker #contemporaryprintmaking #printmakingtoday #contemporarycraft #printmakingprocess #learnprintmaking
a black and white photo of trees with the words painting winter trees on it's side
Gelli Printing Winter Trees
Still Monoprinting... I dont use a Gelli plate for my printmaking as I dont feel I get enough detail with it, but it is idea for this process which uses the principles of lithography.
Magnolia Skeleton leaf Monoprint
This Skeleton leaf was incredibly fragile so I was delighted that it survived the inking process. I love the print it made, especially that its a little dishevelled. . . . . . . .
Foxglove Botanical Monoprint
A prolific wildflower here and we can still find a few flowers as they start to go over. Digitalis purpurea, the name may come from the Anglo-Saxon word foxes-gleow, a “gleow” being a ring of bells. Which is connected to Norse legend in which foxes wear the bell-shaped foxglove blossoms around their necks and the ringing of bells was a spell of protection against hunters and hounds.
Monoprinting Acathus Mollis
Botanical Monoprinting If you want to try this you can see more including materials and step by step guided
Crocosmia Monoprint
Crocosmia Botanical Monoprint If you want to try this you can see more including materials and step by step guided
Botanical Monoprinting Marsh Woundwort
Monoprinting Marsh Woundwort - Stachys palustris, also commonly known as hedgenettle. This will be a lovely addition to my print nature journal which will have to be bound in seasons I think. If you would like to have a go at this wonderful process, its a great activity for all ages there are some useful links on the website including links to materials and a little step by step guide.