Is this the home and office of 2023?

Is this the home and office of 2023?

Means of identification in popular culture

In this video we present a visual summary of our analysis of identity management in popular culture, especially films and television series.

Michael Green and the Daily Dot

Michael Green and the Daily Dot

TESSA Game Trailer

Research Through Gaming Ltd produced this survey game, T. Undercover Agents, to collect data for our IMPRINTS project.

Dubious Game Trailer

Imagine that you are living in the year 2030 and you travel back to the present day. Your time machine breaks down, and you are stuck in You must con.

▶ Cybergeddon - minus the internet - YouTube

Cybergeddon - minus the internet

Imprints Video for Science Festival on Vimeo

This is first of three videos we have been creating for the dynamic Imprints team about their investigation into future scenarios about Identity Management.

▶ Premediating identity management in film and television - YouTube

Presentation prepared for Science in Public 2013 ( at University of Nottingham, 23 July This is a work in progress; please do not cite without a.