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a hand is holding a paper toy that looks like a crocodile's head and mouth
Linda | Egg carton puppet unicorn 🦄 Are your kids fans of unicorns? We love them. All you need to make this puppet is: 1 carton box of eggs… | Instagram
four crocheted stuffed animals sitting on top of a white bed sheet next to each other
Swaddle Pals 2 by Susan B. Anderson
Ravelry: Swaddle Pals 2 by Susan B. Anderson
two knitted animals sitting next to a wooden bowl
The Brink of the New Year Finds Me....
Love this set of -- tomten and fox with our reading of The Tomten for our dining table.
a hand is holding a piece of wood with a small stick sticking out of it
Hannah 🪵 carving wood | vanlife| carpenter| diy| slow parenting on Instagram: "Steckenpferd Das Lob für dieses kleine Steckenpferd gebührt zwar nicht mir, sondern meiner Schwägerin, es ist aber bei einer gemeinsamen Schnitzaktion entstanden und ich will es euch auf keinen Fall vorenthalten, ich glaube es ist für alle Wichtelfreunde unter euch eine richtig putzige Idee 🤭 #madebynaturnest #naturnest #pferd #horse #wood #woodworking #carving #carvingwood #woodcarving #woodart #art #carvingart #ho
an owl is standing in front of a white background with blue and orange designs on it
shop — clare youngs
shop — clare youngs