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The Order of Makeup Application

How we apply makeup and in which order strangely interests me. You see, when I didn't really have a clue about makeup I use to slap whatever product I fancied on my face but in recent years I've found // Beauty, Make up Ideas & Tips

Rei Leão

"Remember who you are. You are my son. You are the lion king. Remember who you are" - Mufasa Lion King. This picture is so beautiful and is from the single most inspirational part of that movie! Seriously, watch this scene & try to not be moved!

Disney fact

This can't be possible because I watched Tarzan the other day and his mother had red hair. As far as I know they couldn't have dyed their hair back then. Hair that color changes depending on the season, her hair color would turn red in the summer.

Hermione Granger by WiebkeArt

Hermione Granger by WiebkeArt I absolutely love this Hermione by WiebkeArt it was done beautifully and truly represents Hermione.

Baby Draco by on @deviantART

Baby Draco by CaptBexx on deviantART My brother/sister ate my homework!