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Maciço Bench

Maciço Bench by Rotsen Furniture - modern - benches - philadelphia - by Rotsen Furniture. This would be a neat concept for a fireplace mantle


Sitting on a park bench can be a much better experience when those benches are some really incredible works of art. Here are 35 of the most creative park benches we've ever seen. What's even more impressive is how comfortable they all seem!


'Reef Benches' by Remy Veenhuizen.Dutch designers created this organic bench from wooden structures. Placed on the rooftop of a local high school, the wooden bench creates a dune like seating area on a gray urban surroundings.

Bridge Bench

One of a kind bench made of an impressive single piece of reclaimed wood that was previously used as a bridge pile.

ribs bench

Bench made of steam-bent FSC-certified hardwood with adjustable aluminum spine.

Retalho Bench

The Retalho Bench is handmade, using solid blocks of reclaimed wood. The metal base can be customized to different styles and materials such as aluminum, stainless steel or powder coated steel.

sixinch design

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french designer philippe nigro designed the stone fixture saturnia collection for the italian company piba marmi