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This is where you can find all the great stuff we post about on our 'Bottle your Brilliance Blog'- super-useful posts and videos on bottling your brilliance in words, connecting with your customers and breaking through to the next stage of growth.
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Anyone can #write stuff, not everyone can be a #copywriter.

Anyone Can Write Stuff. Not Everyone Can Be a Copywriter

How To #Brand Your #Business- A Simple #Workshop Exercise

How To Brand Your Business: A Simple Workshop Exercise

How to Bottle your Brilliance with #Creative #Workshops

Here's the first in our new series on running creative workshops- with some powerful resources to get you started right away

How to use #empathy mapping to step into your #customer's shoes

Need to understand your customer better, creating more meaningful work or more persuasive words? Try Empathy Mapping - here we show you how this tool works.

What is #branding anyway? Hint: Not a #logo

It doesn’t matter what you say yourselves, your brand positioning is simply the meaning and the feeling that people attach to you.

What makes you #different? Go fight for it!

What makes you Go fight for it!

Five #tips for #PersonalBranding from #WomenWithVoices

5 Tips For Personal Branding - From Women With Voices

Use #Nostalgia to build your #brand, even if you're a #startup

Even if your brand is new, you can still use nostalgia to hook customers.

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