Pastel Icebergs by Zaria Forma1 600x900 Zaria Forman Paintings

Artist Zaria Forman Soft Pastel on Paper iceberg mountain ice sea ocean studio ladie girl chair drawing massive monumental

FIAC block foiled bookmark design by The Bakery featuring Arjowiggins Curious Matter papers and boards

New Print for Arjowiggins x FIAC by The Bakery — BP&O

Fiac bookmark by Arjowiggins Creative Papers, designed by the Moscow based stdio The Bakery, printed by Generation Press, made on Curious Matter paper


Swirling Photographs of Mixed Paint by Mark Lovejoy psychedelic paint color abstract


Mark Lovejoy uses paints/pigments/waxes/resins which he then shoots and reshoots, manipulates and retouches til the surface texture takes a pleasing aesthetic form but retains its ambiguous genesis


Incredible paintings/photographs from Texan artist Mark Lovejoy