I thought it was 6pm - but yes, I do remember having to wait for the cheaper rates vividly.

Long distance and we had party lines so we had to wait to use the phone

we had lots of these when we were kids

Vintage retro tissue bell shaped Christmas garlands decorations, couldn't see the ceiling for these things!

Teacher used this to pull down window shades or rolled up wall maps.

I loved when the teacher would let me open the windows! used to have these in school - pole hook for windows

1972 I so remember this fashion .... me too! K

Her dress is so Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band meets Sixties doll. Love it.

Woolworths sold loose biscuits from glass fronted 'bins'. There was always one which contained broken biscuits at a much cheaper price. These were the best in a child's opinion as you got some of everything!

Weigh-out biscuits were very popular at Woolworth from the until the early The picture shows the selection in the flagship Scottish store in Princes Street, Edinburgh at Christmas,

Ascot water heater

what wash days were like sixty years ago before there were such things as automatic washing machines. Read this first hand account of what it was like in a working class home in Britain on wash day.

Remember when

Remember when

1970s Mothercare

Vintage Retro 1970's Blue Mothercare Pram