Diagram on how to make dog face from fondant or even clay.... this is great for breeds that have long hair on their ears like cavalier  king charles or cocker spaniel... basically spaniels. Or forgo putting the crinkles in the ears for dachshunds and other long eared dogs

King Charles dog tutorial by Erica Amavet

Fondant dog tutorial                                                                                                                                                     More

Dog cake decorations

Dog cake decoration - Edible fondant figures and characters

English Springer Spaniel | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

English Springer Spaniel Photo by Jaine's Peeps

Golden Cocker Spaniel Cake Topper £15.00

This adorable Golden Cocker Spaniel is one of a range of dogs I have designed for use as a cake topper or just to give as a gift. Each figure is individually hand sculpted using lightweight polymer clay and stands approx high.

Cocker Spaniel (Black) Cake Topper £15.00

Cocker Spaniel (Black) Cake Topper £15.00

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Owl and Blue Bird Cake Pops

pop bakery pheasant cake pop

pop bakery pheasant cake pop