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One of my most popular designs! The rainbow buttons reflect the colorful helmet of Daft Punk. It has been mainly requested for groom’s cakes, but can also be used for birthdays, Father’…

Record Player 40th Birthday Cake

If you're going to throw a birthday party, here's some birthday cakes you will love.

DJ turntable cake. #music #dj #cakes #musiccakes #djculture

DJ turntable cake. #music #dj #cakes #musiccakes #djculture


cakes are cakes that have been sculpted and carefully crafted by our skilled artisans into shapes, covered in buttercream and fondant and decorated.

Northern soul turntable cake

Having no idea what Northern Soul was before I was asked to make this for the birthday of a Northern Soul fan, I did have to do a fair bit of research.

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