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The many derp faces of Zayn... all in 3 minutes and 18 seconds... i think he was just a little hyper

The many derp faces of Zayn in LWWY. He is so adorable. He has the best faces in every music video.

Emerging from the smoke, Harry Styles ❥ hears the crowd collectively gasp when they see his outfit. One girl even faints. "Let's all keep calm," he reassures them. "This print isn't half as wild as the one I'm wearing tomorrow." The crowd bursts into thunderous applause and begins chanting "Harry's blouse" repeatedly. The rest of the band just leaves the stage. How can they compete with this?

Some of u might think "oh god dats weird" but only direction era will say "aww dats typical Harry typical cute❤️"

Awwwww to cute Justin! I love your Smile Baby!

Awwwww to cute Justin! I love your Smile Baby! "U smile I smile" U Smile by Justin Bieber!

Harry stop being so cute

Do I have any Fellow Harry girls out there that would like to join my Group board for Harold?♡ Comment If you would like too!

The Michael Jackson the boxer.

Michael Jackson the boxer - with Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson - R.P Muhammad Ali