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So true. That's why we always support a relationship between the kids and their other parent and extended family members.

Real parents always put their children first, truly love them, sacrifice for them, and put the childrens needs ahead of their own

Hmm. The more I research the more I'm learning about alienation, grandparents rights and abuse. Lots of good information.

The more I research the more I'm learning about alienation, grandparents rights and abuse.

So very true. Missing my son so very much.

Correction: we only know what happens this side of heaven. The moment my Alea left this earth, what once felt like heaven, quickly became my Hell. [visiting earth isn't an option]


Time that can never be recovered all because of a controlling Narc. who would not admit what they did was wrong and fight even harder to win so they don't have to come to terms with the damage done.

Unfortunately, I do know why. She is called mommy.

Some day we will see you again and hug you tight. Until then we love you from afar and hold you in our hearts.

when u try your best and its not good enough, when people get to know you and then realize they don like u, The moment you realize the material things really don't matter, When the everyday memories that you made that day, should be fulfilling; warm and fuzzy; just aren't - that is a deep black hole. Some people have very legitimate reasons for being sad, some do not but a black hole is still a big empty black hole

Exactly the way I feel every time I think of my dad. It's the worst feeling I have ever felt. Even when I think of something funny or something nice I still feel this way.

No matter what, you are so loved.

The happiest part of our life has been stolen, by people whom we are expected to trust. Im reaching out to you take my hand if you want to learn more about why we have been torn apart.