jose romussi - flowers and fashion <3

jose romussi (The Jealous Curator)

100 Magnificent Collages - From Creepy Creations to Collage Art Pieces (TOPLIST)

100 Magnificent Collages

Love this.Collage and art journal inspiration: 50 Literary Art Designs - From Crystal-Covered Literature to Cutout Character Novels (TOPLIST)

Lisa Kokin, sewn photos

Lisa Kokin :: Portfolio :: Sewn Photos- scan old school photos from old year book.

KG self portraits

Jacks class: portrait+"i am" statement + free style drawing. This would be unbelievable at the middle school level. Kids are so talented. Thinking with a personal narrative or memoir piece?

Guy Catling... How a little floral pattern can soften an image

The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// i’m jealous of guy catling - idea, suit of exclamation points, comic book style

hayley warnham - wishing it was july instead of february.

Everything is Beautiful Series / Artist: Hayley Warnham - Black and white photos with a bit of POP