Robert Rauschenberg 1974 Photography Art Kane

The artist’s job is to be a witness to his time in history. - Robert Rauschenberg Photograph: Art Kane, 1974 "I think a painting is more like the real world if it’s made out of the real world.

Paul Blow - "Elections in the Islamic States" for the Guardian. Vivid and contrasting colours create visual unease. The block colours are also powerful and slightly overwhelming. The details in the linework are stylised to help suggest the exaggerated message.  Very recognisable images of the ballot box, a vote (X) and the black colour and visible hand associated with a Burqa. Builds off a cultural awareness to make this easy to understand as well.

Graphic Artwork by Paul Blow. Representation of how the world is controlled by part of the corrupt group of the wealthy elite and how our votes and choices are meaningless. It has already been decided and orchestrated. The truth will prevail.

Robert Rauschenberg  "In the 1960s Robert Rauschenberg and many artists associated with Pop art also used collage extensively to reflect the omnipresence of the printed word and image in modern society, as well as Richard Hamilton, who continued to apply paper and objets trouvés in his works."

"Overdrive" 1963 By Robert Rauschenberg. Robert Rauschenberg (October 1925 - May was an incredibly influential Am.

Peter Blake, ‘Beach Boys’ 1964

Peter Blake ‘Beach Boys’, 1964 © Peter Blake All rights reserved, DACS

HM Queen Elizabeth II by Peter Blake, 2002

Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by pop artist Peter Blake. The piece, which is based on a photograph taken by Lord Lichfield, was painted for a reception at the Royal Academy of Arts to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee in 2002