I can't find myself by LucyndaLu

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The first and third are cliche but the second is good. Coming city life and country-side with the human face by Dan Mountford, double exposure portraits.

'Hidden Identity' Final Foundation Project outcomes by Michelle Robb, via Behance

'Hidden Identity' Final Foundation Project outcomes by Michelle Robb, via…

Unknown Media Idea - display all of the emotions contained within the human form.  Rhythm, Contrast, and Unity

The multiple faces with different emotions all suggest mental disorders such as multiple personalities, bipolar of schizophrenia. This works well with my theme of humans, emotions and mental issues

Georgia, by Chuck Close Interesting use of tonal  scale in grey paper to create a careful transition of light and dark.

Chuck Close, Georgia , Pulp-paper collage on canvas.

"I'm constantly being formed, influenced and shaped by others, sometimes they push and pull on me. I learn and adapt to society, my friends, my family etc. I have many shapes, many faces which can be different depending on the people I am with. But what is my real identity?"

We all wear masks

vicemag:  Artist: John Holmes; Date Published: August 1981

Distortion of scale and altered reality. The idea that the night sky could be a veil through which a much larger and superior being can keep an eye on us, is a distortion of size and scale, that is on the one hand comforting, and on the other, disturbing.