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John Stezaker - collage of human face with skeleton. This portrays the opposite idea of my exam theme which is 'growth and evolution'.

Check out these amazing collages by the English artist John Stezaker.

John Stezaker.

Artist John Stezaker revamps old photographs using vintage postcards, creating imaginative art pieces. Art lovers in the London area can catch Stezaker’s exhibit at Whitechapel Gallery until March Via maricazottino. Brush up on art.

John Stezaker

This is a art work by English conceptual artist John Stezaker. He combines old photographs and postcard to create juxtaposition art. This is just one art piece from his others.

John Stezaker

I went to see John Stezaker's exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery on Friday and here's my post on it! Stezaker is a British artist who pri.

Barletta’s “Pelt” (seen in this detail) resembles microscopic cells writ large. The process of crochet, which uses small units to build a larger whole, mimics the growth of biological organisms. (Michael O'Sullivan)

Art in focus: ‘The Sum of the Parts’

" Crochet work by Emily Barletta in "The Sum of the Parts" at Maryland Art Place, Baltimore.


Daniel Brown, Digital Floral Art: Generated textures derived from works from the V&A Museum archive including William Morris textiles and Kimono fabrics.