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an abstract painting on a white wall
Horn of Plenty: Mimosa Echard — Mousse Magazine and Publishing
two pieces of art that have been altered to look like human body and torsos
531# Dans les plis du carnet : Encore l'envers des corps (6/8) - anne-claire thevenot / carnets temporels
enverscorps07 redimensionner
a collage of different images with faces and squares on them, all in pastel colors
a piece of art with red thread on it
no strings attached
a woman is painting on the floor in front of many paintings and vases with flowers
La maison d'une artiste habitée par la couleur
two paintings hang on the wall next to each other
a wall covered in lots of different types of drawings and pictures on it's side
many pictures are arranged on the wall with different shapes and sizes to make it look like they have been made out of paper
a piece of paper that has been altered to look like an old house
four pieces of paper with different colors and shapes are shown on a white table top