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an open book with drawings of women's faces
Marini - Libreria Marini
LIONNI Leo, "Per grazia ricevuta". Milano, Grafica Uno, 1966. 22 litografie fustellate in nero raffiguranti 22 diversi profili femminili (cm 17x14; 17x9,5; 17x11). Edizione originale di 1000 es. numerati e firmati dall'Artista (Original edition of 1000 numbered copies signed by the Artist)
a doll is being held in the air by someone's hands, with one hand on top of another doll
NSFW: Behold the Gruesome and Stunning Art of Sarah Sitkin
a blue and white vase with designs on the bottom is sitting in front of a gray background
Readymade Cross-Stitch and Floral Motifs Are Embroidered Directly into Porcelain Vases — Colossal
a blue vase with writing on it
Exhibition | For Use and Display - Hylton Nel's Satirical Ceramics | CFile - Contemporary Ceramic Art + Design
blue and white pottery is stacked on top of each other
a ceramic figurine is sitting on top of a liquid covered plate with a tie in it's mouth
New Work: Tiago Carneiro da Cunha and Klara Kristalova | KQED
a black and white figurine sitting on the ground
a piece of art that looks like it is made out of rocks and other things
a white and pink sculpture with lots of paint on it's face, in front of a gray background
David Altmejd | Perfume
a sculpture made out of different colored objects on top of a white pedestal with a gray wall in the background
Jennie Jieun Lee
a white sculpture sitting on top of a wooden table