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America, the Beautiful: The United States of America State Flags

The United States of America State Flags

We are The United States of America. Do you know what your state flag looks like? I tried to compile the fifty state flags here. Hopefully, I got them all. If you notice something incorrect, please let me know, so I can get the proper one in place. Thanks! a short video to accompany the US flags is here on youtube.

The only surviving Union Jack flag from the Battle of Trafalgar.

World's most expensive Union Jack: Flag that flew at Battle of Trafalgar sells for record-breaking £384,000

The huge flag, that is littered with holes from shot damage and still has a whiff of gunpowder, flew from the jackstaff of HMS Spartiate at the historic battle 204 years ago.


Aruban Flags (Aruba) from The World Flag Database

Geographical and political facts, flags and ensigns of Aruba

Ikurriña, bandera de Euskal Herria

L'ikurriña à Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

Je complèterai cette visite des villages labourdins avec quelques photos typiquement basques. Commençons aujourd'hui par l'ikurriña, c'est-à-dire le drapeau basque. Il a été dessiné en 1894 par les fondateurs du parti nationaliste basque pour représenter la province de Biscaye. En 1936, il est retenu pour représenter le gouvernement d'Euskadi. Il est désormais considéré comme le symbole du Pays Basque (Euskal Herria) également maintenant du côté français. Le fond rouge représente les…

Antigua and Barbuda

Flag of Antigua and Barbuda

Current flag of Antigua and Barbuda with a history of the flag and information about Antigua and Barbuda country.


Seychelles Flags, Flag of Seychelles

The Flag of Seychelles was officially acquired on 18th June in 1996 as Seychelles national flag. Get picture of Seychelles with colors in flag of Seychelles. The proportion this Seychelles National Flag is described as 1:2


Flag of Norway

Current flag of Norway with a history of the flag and information about Norway country.