'Shadows Over Paradise' by Isabel Wolff

This is about my novel, 'Shadows Over Paradise' which is set in present day Cornwall and on Java during WW2. NB It's published in the UK as 'Ghostwritten'.
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a woman laying on top of a grass covered field next to a bird flying overhead
Shadows Over Paradise: A Novel
Shadows Over Paradise: A Novel by Isabel Wolff http://www.amazon.com/dp/0345533186/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_VD09ub015Q766
a yellow bucket sitting on top of a sandy beach
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'I'll take the bucket. You take the net.'
a crab sitting on top of a rock next to water
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'It's my turn with the net! You caught the crab!'
many people are on the beach and in the water at this point, there is no image here to provide a caption for
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'Holidaymakers speckle the beach, hands held to eyes against the late afternoon sun as they gaze at the glittering sea...'
an aerial view of some hills and water
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'Here the rocks are not sharp with mussels, but treacherous with seaweed which slips like satin beneath Ted's feet...'
a small pool in the middle of some rocks next to water and a light house
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Still sobbing, Ted starts to descend, but Evie is already springing across the rocks...'
an old fashioned street light with flowers hanging from it's sides and a building in the background
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'Today it was Nina's wedding, and before long, no doubt, there'd be a Christening...'
an old stone church surrounded by trees and grass
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'We walked into the cool of the church...'
a stained glass window with the image of jesus holding a child
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'It was very light, with clear glass, except for the East window which depicted Christ blessing the children...'
a person is reading a book while looking out the window at a lake and mountains
'I was heading for Cornwall, a place I'd shunned for twenty-five years. I'd been unable even to look at the county on a map without a stab of pain...'
black and white photograph of men in baseball uniforms standing next to each other with their hats on
'I read on about the Japanese occupation of Java...'
an old stone building with a chimney on the side
'There was a slate sign on the wall - 'Lanhay.'
cows graze on the green grass in front of an ocean and fenced in area
'There was a small garden enclosed by a fence. A herd of tawny-coloured cattle grazed peacefully. Beyond that was the sea...'
an empty road with bushes on both sides and a white house in the back ground
'The lane curved to the left, and there was the beach.'
the beach is surrounded by green bushes and blue skies with white clouds in the background
'There were the cliffs, the cobalt rocks and the crescent of sand. I felt a sudden, sharp constriction in my ribs as though my heart was hooped with a tightening wire...'
a sign that is on the side of a road near some bushes and trees,
'A sign had a black arrow on it, pointing right. 'Farm Shop, 200 yards.'
an old brick building with white windows and a rusty pipe sticking out of it's side
'Klara's flat occupied the upper floor of the barn...'
there is a truck full of fishing nets on the back of it's trailer
'In front of me rose the farmhouse, a square white painted building with a low-pitched slate roof. Beside it was a pile of lobster pots...'
an old stone building with vines growing on it's side in the middle of a field
'It was my husband's wedding present to me,' Klara said. 'He asked me what I wanted, and what I wanted, more than anything in the world, was a walled garden...'
a blue and white drawing of a windmill in the middle of a frame with clouds
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'Although I'm Dutch I have almost no childhood memories of Holland...'
a gecko that is standing up in the air with it's legs spread out
'My earliest memory is of the little tjik-tjaks, dainty beige lizards that used to run across our sitting room walls...'
a house that is in the middle of some grass and bushes with trees around it
'Our house was large, single storey, like most houses in the East Indies, and built of brown brick with a roof made of curved red tiles...'
a large tree that is surrounded by many trees
We had an enormous garden, in which was an Indian fig, with a thick, rippled trunk and long aerial roots. Bats roosted in that tree, and at dusk we'd see them spread their cloak-like wings and fly out...'
a blue butterfly sitting on top of a red flower
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'The flowers attracted butterflies - scarlet and yellow, emerald and black, burnt orange and shimmering blue.'
a colorful hummingbird flying through the air
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'The humming birds used to hover over the jasmine like iridescent bees...'
a lush green forest filled with lots of trees and dirt road surrounded by tall grass
'I used to love going out with my father into the rubber forest...'
a tree that has been cut down in the woods
'Sometimes he'd let me cut the diagonal line into the tree and tie the coconut shell beneath it to catch the milky-white drips...'
an old black and white photo of fireworks in the sky over water with palm trees
Photos Stored In Camera For 68 Years - Pearl Harbour Bombing | Alternative
'The headmistress announced, with a grim expression, that the Christmas holiday would begin that very day. 'The reason,' she told us, 'is that yesterday, Japanese planes attacked the US Pacific fleet in Pearl Harbor...'
two old airplanes flying in the sky above clouds
'Japanese pilots had made strikes on Singapore and Borneo...On Christmas Day we heard that they had captured Hong Kong. 'Surely they'll stop there!' my mother cried. 'No,' my father said grimly. 'They'll come here, because this is where the oil is.'
a man holding a flag in front of an air force scene with planes flying overhead
'Java was now in Japanese hands...'
a white house sitting in the middle of a lush green field next to tall trees
'There were rumours that the European civilian men would now be transported to an old military barracks, called Tjimahi, and that their wives and children would be moved into 'protected areas'.
a piece of paper with some writing on it
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'For weeks we heard nothing from my father. Then, one morning, Mum received an envelope stamped 'Tjimahi'. Inside was a card from our father. But the card was very strange. It was typed with a list of prescribed phrases to say that he was 'eating healthy food' and doing 'useful work'...'
a green toy airplane sitting on top of a white table next to a pair of scissors
Into Peter's case my mother tucked his teddy bear, a box of Meccano and a small wooden Spitfire that Dad had made him.
black and white photograph of an old truck driving down a road with trees in the background
'We saw a truck, like the one that had come for my father, come bumping up the drive...'
a wooden chess board with black and white pieces
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'Jaya hurtled up to us, out of breath. He gave a bag to Peter. Inside, was Jaya's beloved chess set. He told Peter that he was 'lending' it to him and that he had to 'bring it back soon'. Peter smiled and promised that he would...'
an old black and white photo of some houses with laundry hanging on the clothesline
'In camp Tjihapit, front gardens, festooned with lines of washing, grew wild; broken windows resembled missing teeth; shutters were askew, like drooping eyelids, paint peeled and lifted, like diseased skin.'
an old black and white photo of men standing in a line with their hands on each other
''The camp's translator told us that during 'tenko' we must all face East towards Japan, and bow...'
an old black and white photo of two women working in a farmyard with barrels
'Now with no teenage boys left in Tjihapit, we girls had to do the heavy work. I remember having to lift the huge food drums in the 'dapur' , or wheel the garbage cart out through the gate...'
an old black and white photo of people working in a field
Peter, for his part, was confused. 'I'd like to go to the men's camp,' he whispered to me, 'because then I'll see Daddy again.'
an area with hedges and bushes in the foreground, against a blue sky background
'When I was a child,' Klara said, ' someone told me that the word 'Paradise' means 'walled garden.' And from that moment on, that was my dream, to have my own little Paradise, that no-one could ever take away...'
the water is calm and blue with houses on it
Sign in
'We drove on and, as we rounded a bend, there was St. Mawes, rising steeply up from the harbour...'
an image of some rocks and seaweed in the water
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'Honor jumped onto the next rock then peered down, her hands on her knees. 'This is a good pool... oh look! A shrimp! Just there, by those limpets...' She laughed. 'I could do this for hours...'
the beach is covered in green algae and rocks
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'What's wrong Jen?' Honor coaxed. 'I didn't answer. 'Maybe I can help.' My throat ached with a suppressed sob. 'No one can help me. It'll always scratch at my soul. I should never have come back here...'
some rocks and water on the shore
Meanporth Falmouth Cornwall Stock Photo 115892794 | Shutterstock
'When I saw how close the waves were, I said we should go back, and so I started for the beach... I thought Ted was following me...'
the rocks are covered with green algae and mossy plants, along with a lighthouse in the distance
St Antonys Lighthouse Cornwall Stock Photo 191357417 | Shutterstock
'Honor's face was slack with shock. 'You had a little brother?' I nodded. 'He was five.' She blinked. 'How can I have known you for fifteen years, Jenni, and not known that?'
an old photo of two men sitting next to each other in the grass with trees behind them
Changi POW camp - History Learning Site
'Onto the back of the truck, some European prisoners, stripped to the waist in the searing heat, were loading our mattresses and luggage. It had been two years since I'd seen any European men. I was shocked at how thin they were, with sunken eyes and corrugated chests...'
an empty train track with trees in the background
'We had been brought to a railway station. We sat on the platform, slumped against our bags. I wondered where the shining train tracks led...'
an old black and white photo of people standing in front of a fenced area
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'Ahead of us, beyond the bridge, was a gate. It was like the one in Tjihapit, but was taller and wider. As we passed through it, I saw a guardhouse. It had a verandah on which stood a long rack, full of guns...'
a man in uniform standing next to a woman holding a baseball bat, vintage line drawing or engraving illustration
'In order not to be hurt by them we must do whatever they say,' Mum said. 'We must always bow to them, at once, and never, ever look them in the eye. Do you children both understand?' We nodded solemnly.
a measuring spoon filled with rice on top of a counter
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'We'd been in this second camp for a year and the food allowance had dropped to one cup of cooked rice a day...'