Look closely - it's people swimming! Angelo Musco: Pelagic #experimentsinmotion

New York City-based artist turns pain into beauty with breathtaking 'bodyscapes'

These are people.not fish! by Angelo Musco. New York-based contemporary artist, who is represented in the US by Carrie Secrist Gallery, is known for creating massive photographs of surreal mosaics made from thousands of swarming human bodies

Angelo Musco

Surreal Mosaics Made From Thousands of Swarming Bodies

Angelo Musco creates impossibly intricate and unique organic forms out of thousands of photographs of people so densely packed, they’re hard to discern from a distance

© Angelo Musco

His project "Eyrie" reflects the construction of a nest. Musco, incredible work constructed of figures

angelo musco

Parthenogenesis by Angelo Musco