Sue Lowe Somerset Collagraph

Sue Lowe 'Somerset Levels' hand printed collagraph with chine colle/ Especially relevant to steel plate etching WIP re the "colle" element connecting the plates in my case)

Monoprint - wow! Gloucestershire Resource Centre

I chose this image because I like the way the artist has used a variety of colours to outline parts of the image so it cant stand out more and show detail. Texture is shown in the veins of the leaves as it is well detailed.

Hedgrow. Kerry Buck

Hedgrow by Kerry Buck on the Norwich Print Fair website - contemporary fine art printmakers working in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Collagraph low-relief shapes cut out of cardboard

Collagraph Printmaking Lesson

Fishes - collagraph print - Val McCann

The Collagraph technique is essentially an experimental and inventive form of printmaking which uses a variety of textured materials glued to a cardboard or MDF board as a base to create a low.