Turn a big box into a town! This looks fun to make and fun to play in too..

What To Do With a Big Box? - Make a Town

Another pinner: Big box town! I remember doing this as a kid. Except, I used to draw ovens, ironing boards and tv sets. I Used to sit in them, out in the yard for hours.

Shaving cream car wash-great sensory activity...

KTC: activity for week 2 of session 2 for sensory and functional skills Shaving cream car wash-great sensory activity.

DIY Parachutes (and the Science Behind How they Work)

DIY Parachutes (and the Science Behind How they Work) (Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational)

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Airplanes Birthday Party Ideas

Boys runway for paper airplanes.runwayon a roll of packing/craft/ mailing paper.I KNOW there's a fun activity to be done with this.

Y is for Yacht Tuff Spot  Create boats from recycled shampoo bottles | http://adventuresofadam.co.uk/yacht-tuff-spot/

Yacht Tuff Spot

We are combining our penultimate Tuff Spot A-Z Challenge activity with Best Toys 4 Toddlers 60 Day Junk Play Challenge. We created a Yacht Tuff Spot.

DIY street signs for the block area

Free printable for making play traffic signs (signs, popsicle sticks, and bottle caps). Great for playing with toy cars and learning!