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6.2: Prototyping Animation

Weather App inspiration via Muzli. “What the heck is the story with weather apps?” is published by Muzli in Muzli -Design Inspiration

set time 조작 UI이다. 파스텔톤의 색상과 인포그래피등에 알맞는 조작화면을 보여주는 것 같다.

The only thing this image illustrates is semi-flat design to highlight one element on the screen against the flat backdrop.

Weatherappdoodle by han yu

Hello Guys :) This is my latest weather app look. I wanted to create the new style I& never tried. Any comments are welcome Thank you.

app visual design cards panes material interface. low volume cool color subtle shaded color and line icons.

Mobile app design examples of 14 trendy color schemes, visuals and color wheel imagery included. Read about mobile app design color schemes here!

Kama - Mobile UI Kit by on Creative Market

Data visualization infographic & Chart Kama Infographic Description Kama - iOS UI Kit on App Design Served