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an arched hallway with iron gate and potted plants on either side, surrounded by stone walls
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Sorrento, Italy
two chairs and a table in an alleyway
| ♕ | Dinner For Two - Sorrento, Italy | by © Scott Newman How romantic.
several people sitting at tables playing cards in an old - fashioned room with large columns
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italian way of life, a photo from Naples, Campania | TrekEarth
two men sitting at a table talking to each other
confinedlight - Secrets of Men Sorrento, Italy
Secrets of Men Sorrento, Italy ~Confinedlight
people are shopping at an outdoor market with fruits and vegetables for sale on the sidewalk
Fruit Market, Sorrento, Italy
an aerial view of the beach and pier with umbrellas, chairs and people swimming in the water
Beach Life - Sorrento, Italy
two people are standing on the top of an old building with stone stairs and ivy growing all over it
Sorrento, Italy
an old town on the edge of a body of water with boats in front of it
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Sorrento, Italy
an italian flag hanging from the ceiling in a narrow alleyway with people walking down it
Streets of Sorrento
there is a blue and yellow vase with lemons on it next to some cups
The Amalfi Coast – leave your map behind
Limoncello ~ Italia
lemons and glasses are sitting on an outdoor table
Limoncello ~ Italy
there is a statue in the middle of this town square with many flowers around it
Sorrento Statue
many people are laying on towels near the water
Summer in Sorrento, Italy
an aerial view of a street with buildings on both sides and the ocean in the background
Sorrento - via Luigi de Maio
Via Luigi de Maio, Sorrento - Italy. The road to Marina Piccola, which means small marina
a blue window with flowers in it on the side of a stone wall
Ave Maria by Chris Talintyre / 500px
Shrine, Sorrento, Italy