Skeletons and skulls. Dark dreams. Gothic art. Halloween. Samhein.
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a woman in a white dress with long hair and veil on her head is standing against a wall
Shot of a twilight girl in white dress. Halloween, horror.
Romance of the Maiden - Tim Walker
an old wooden door with wrought iron handles
an old house in the fog on a hill with two trees and one person walking away from it
House of Sighs - misskittygrimm: Moodboard: Wuthering Heights
an old building with two clocks on the top of it's towers and windows
to Camelot
Doll anatomy work, a resurrectionist afoot.
Doll anatomy work, a resurrectionist afoot.
a black and white photo of an animal skull with feathers on it's head
Eris Blue
a woman in a black dress sitting on a chair with her legs spread out and holding an object over her head
eclipse by Avine on DeviantArt
a scarecrow silhouetted against the sun with his arms wrapped around it's head
Johnny Appleseed
a drawing of a woman in a black dress with large spider webs on her arms
Arachnia by Tachikaze7 on DeviantArt
a woman is walking down some stairs in a house
Gothic Interiors: The Set Design of Crimson Peak
two women dressed in black and white standing on rocks near the ocean with veils over their heads
۴ Spells-of-life ۴: Photo
black and white photograph of a woman holding an umbrella
without hope by Lhianne on DeviantArt