By Luke Stephenson who completed a series of photos entitled "Kochaj go tak jak siebie" (Love him like you love yourself) is unusual portraits of dogs and cats with their owners - in fact, only part of them.

Creative print advertising campaign by Biocanina. The slogan ” Love him like you love yourself ” clearly wants to send a signal to every person not to neglect own pet.

German Art Noveau playing cards printed in Attenburg 1900

German Art Nouveau playing cards printed in Attenburg 1900 - History of graphic design - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This expressive image makes me think about the intentions of the subject. Double exposure has worked effectively in this image, because it allows you to think about the artist's intentions. When I look at this image I think about what the young girl may be thinking. To me I think she looks worried; the way in which she stares looks as if she is in deep thought.

When you feel bad your mind continues to focus on all the parts of your life that seem to not be working. Then you feel even worse. This all continues until you wake up to the fact that your self-image is just a mental idea. It is just a concept

Multiple Exposure Series by Simone Primo

The double exposure in this picture is very good. It seems to fit just right and make the picture elegant but still interesting. Multiple Exposure Series by Simone Primo

I think this photo fits order and disorder because it's a collage of different peoples faces but they make up one person, I think this shows how other people can influence you without you realising.

FRAGMENTS Michelle Claesson Eismann - springboard off her artwork; try piecing together your own face from magazine pictures!

Design Correction: Unusual Self Portraits Inspired by Food by Sébastien Michel.

For his project titled "Design Correction" French artist Sébastien Michel constructed a series of unusual masks using saran wrap and vario.

subtly brilliant superimposition art by Antonio Mora (Spain) "Afrodita" • creates surreal dream-like hybrid portraits to inspire, from images found on the Web / blogs / mags • masters in Graphic Design, art director 15 years but replaced interest for own art of painting in his industrial building studio by the beach • off'l: • off'l pinterest: • off'l fb:


Spanish artist Antonio Mora does women and men’s portraits in double exposure of natural elements : waves, moutains’ landscapes or animals and plants come juxtaposing on the models’ faces. His sensual and elegant portraits are to discover in images.

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