HJ Murphy

HJ Murphy

Bootyville, Scotland / 17, Scottish, love batman, bands and TV shows. I'm a nerd for everything Marvel/DC.
HJ Murphy
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I love the one random person in the middle who doesn't get it...

"Seriously, is there a point to pictures like this? It's just a kid." Why have I pinned this to my fandoms board?<= I love each and every single one of you XD seriously tho, this brooding, staring at nothing hipster stuff's really starting to annoy me.

Harley Quinn

This dark and gorgeous Batman Harley Quinn Costume from Batman Arkam Asylum will instantly transform you into a super villain in no time! From our Halloween Costumes range.

Brittany Murphy would've been such a psycho awesome Harley. Can you just imagine her? "Mistah Jaaay!"

Brittany Murphy would’ve made a good Harley Quinn. She’s already played multiple insane chicks. With Heath Ledger as the Joker as well? Why you gotta take away the joker and Harley?