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Jill Wise Life Coach (@the_enlightened_target) • Instagram photos and videos

aesthetic words.

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law of attraction.

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This book helps you to accept your past, embrace the present moment, and get excited about your future. This book helps you to keep your eyes on the road. Made in the US

real talk.

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an image of a text message on a black background with the words all cloud above it
30 Of The Most Delusional Posts From Entitled Parents Looking For Nannies
the poem is written in black and white
Friendship. Goodbyes.<<< For the class of 2018 in ERCSD East Rampo High school our shirts will/say Good Vibes. High Fives. And Goodbyes.
the text message is written to someone on their cell phone, and it appears to be in
Ex best friend
a piece of paper with a quote on it that says, one morning you will breathe just like you used to - without any heavyness
an open book with the words better to admit you walked through the wrong door than spend your life in the wrong room
Jill Wise Life Coach (@the_enlightened_target) • Instagram photos and videos
a white wall with the words stay aligned and your own energy and let people meet you there