This minimalist studio home designed by architects Jay Atherton and Cy Keener reflects a minimalist way of living with a sweet simplicity that stands out here in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

Minimalist Studio Home for Two Young Architects

The exterior of this minimalist home in Phoenix consists of sandblasted masonry and Ferrari shade sails stretched on a steel frame. The screen shifts between being opaque and semitransparent.

Dior Omotesando Tokyo. Richard Rogers

Acting as a showcase for Dior, the Dior building in Tokyo's fashion centre, Omotesando Avenue, is defined by clear glass facade covered by a second skin of translucent acrylic.

Musée des Beaux-arts in Reims by David Chipperfield Architects

Image 5 of 10 from gallery of Musée des Beaux-arts / David Chipperfield Architects. East elevation, View from Boulevard Lundy © David Chipperfield Architects


ディオール表参道がリニューアルオープン - 写真4

The volume has a double facade with a Structural-Glazing construction of white silk-screened glass, which envelops the building like a second skin and offers a frosted and refined appearance. The motif of the print provides a filtered view from inside to outside, and allows a vaguely transparent view when looking from the outside in. ||

Kulturbau / Benthem Crouwel Architects

Double facade of white silk-screened glass, which offers a frosted and refined appearance - Kulturbau / Benthem Crouwel Architects

1920076_10203337592303487_1869686581_n.jpg (365×562)

Steven Holl - new residence al Swiss Embassy - interesting to see the amazing glowing light effects which can be created used polycarbonate panels