Vintage Street Style Pictures - Trend Inspiration Looking off into the distance thoughtfully (and mod outfits) have been street style musts for decades.

The mid Mod style was influenced by pop art which took everyday items out of their normal context and made them into something entirely stylistic. This was most vibrantly expressed by The Who with their symbolic use of arrows, Union Jack jackets and

Peter Sugar, Michael Simmonds and Mark Feld in Town magazine, September

Moon the Loon in the most classic of the mod shirts. The target symbol was of course taken from the RAF emblem.

All things Lambretta & Vespa, well all things if they are pictures. (and perhaps the odd other thing that catches my eye from time to time including occasional adult content!

Veteran musician Paul Weller has launched new fashion label Real Stars Are Rare, a collaboration with Phil Bickley, owner of menswear store Tonic. What man would not want to dress like Paul Weller?

birdcagewalk: “ voxsart:The Rollneck and DB Crowd. Michael Caine visits his old neighborhood, ”

Former Oasis frontman, Liam Gallagher, brings Pretty Green temporary shop to Carnaby Street.

The Young 21st-Century Mods of London

Carlotta Cardana: “Mod Couples” examines the new generation of modernist couples in London (PHOTOS).

Men today still adopt the mod style in their everyday wear with their simple boxy jackets and skinny pants. The Jonas Brothers are a great example of modern Mod since the Beetles brought mod in during the