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Photgraphy by Bobby Neel Adams. "AgeMaps" Spliced pictures of the same person when they are young and old

Fotógrafo ‘costura’ rostos do passado e do presente

Nos retratos de “Agemaps”, os rostos de diferentes épocas são costurados, provocando um aspecto de filmes de terror

cubism still life mixed media collage: High School

Art Lesson: Cubism Mixed Media Collage

Present the work of Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris and Georges Braque through PowerPoint or slides. Show and discuss segments of a video if available. Critique art prints and set up an interesting still life. Demonstrate how to show multiple views of one object, fractured planes, collage techniques, and wood grained textures.

John Stezaker. By making a very small change to this actress publicity image Stezaker suggests a more disturbing, less confident image. The additional strip in the area of the eyes also picks up the pattern stripes, at a slight angle, of the figures clothing.

John Stezaker, Whitechapel Gallery until March 18th

The pleasure of looking at John Stezaker's work is the shiver of seeing something banal made strange. Studio shots of long-dead actors and hand tinted postcards of waterfalls and landscapes are hackneyed and banal. But when Stezaker lays one of these tired images on top of another, or just slices or folds into a photograph, a strange alchemy takes place. Jolted, we see both the material reality of the photo - look it's been chopped up! while still being seduced by the tidal pull of its…

Les collages de John Stezaker | La boite verte

Les collages de John Stezaker

L’artiste anglais John Stezaker, né en 1948 à Worcester, est devenu un des maîtres du collage surréaliste en produisant des images aux effets graphiques étonnants. Un de ses thèmes préférés consiste à associer des images de paysages en couleur qui suivent les formes de visages monochromes mais on trouve aussi d’autres motifs comme par exemples […]



postpatternism: “ Picasso via Post-patternism. ”